Abby Streett

Abby Streett
  • Director

Abby Streett

Age: 31

Lives in: Born and raised in Stewartstown. Moved to Red Lion the day after Christmas in 2010

Family:  Is so very important to me and I am so blessed with a close, caring, supportive family that have been there for me through every step/path I chose to go on. I have been married to my husband Rob since 10/15/11. Rosco P. Coltrane (Streett) is our cocker spaniel and our little “baby”.

Educational Experience: Graduated from Kennard-Dale High School in
2002. Earned Associates Degree in Science in Liberal Studies.

I have been Employed with Growing Friends for 13 years now and on 12/02/10 officially became the Director.

I’ve worked with children ever since I was in elementary school. Volunteering in the Life Skills Classroom at the Elementary School set my mind on majoring in Special Education. I’ve babysat for many families ever since I was 10 years of age. Through this experience I knew working with children was my calling. Seeing our teaching through them and seeing them grow, is truly a blessing. They truly bring a smile to my face no matter what their age is!

Through my years working at Growing Friends and my years working with children in different activities, I see God working through me. Through my large amount of patience, understanding, balancing, and determination he really has set me on the right path. I was going to school for Special Education. Being a director at a daycare was not “my” path. God truly led me in this direction and I thank him everyday for this opportunity and job that I truly love!

The most challenging part of my job is “handling it all” sometimes – juggling the staff, building items, curriculum, children behaviors, all the families, etc. There’s a lot of responsibilities and commitments with this position; however, I have to just remember to take one thing at a time and know I’m only human. I’ve also turned greatly to my assistant, my board members, and other friends that are in the same field, which is a huge blessing for me. Turning to someone for help and guidance is just the reassurance I need some days.

I greatly enjoy working at Growing Friends! It’s truly a wonderful place to work! Not too many people can say they truly love their job, but I can!! I do love it here and I love what I do! I am very blessed with my staff as my second family as well!

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