Abby Streett

Age: 31

Lives in: Born and raised in Stewartstown. Moved to Red Lion the day after Christmas in 2010

Family:  Is so very important to me and I am so blessed with a close, caring, supportive family that have been there for me through every step/path I chose to go on. I have been married to my husband Rob since 10/15/11. Rosco P. Coltrane (Streett) is our cocker spaniel and our little “baby”.

Educational Experience: Graduated from Kennard-Dale High School in
2002. Earned Associates Degree in Science in Liberal Studies.

I have been Employed with Growing Friends for 13 years now and on 12/02/10 officially became the Director.

I’ve worked with children ever since I was in elementary school. Volunteering in the Life Skills Classroom at the Elementary School set my mind on majoring in Special Education. I’ve babysat for many families ever since I was 10 years of age. Through this experience I knew working with children was my calling. Seeing our teaching through them and seeing them grow, is truly a blessing. They truly bring a smile to my face no matter what their age is!

Through my years working at Growing Friends and my years working with children in different activities, I see God working through me. Through my large amount of patience, understanding, balancing, and determination he really has set me on the right path. I was going to school for Special Education. Being a director at a daycare was not “my” path. God truly led me in this direction and I thank him everyday for this opportunity and job that I truly love!

The most challenging part of my job is “handling it all” sometimes – juggling the staff, building items, curriculum, children behaviors, all the families, etc. There’s a lot of responsibilities and commitments with this position; however, I have to just remember to take one thing at a time and know I’m only human. I’ve also turned greatly to my assistant, my board members, and other friends that are in the same field, which is a huge blessing for me. Turning to someone for help and guidance is just the reassurance I need some days.

I greatly enjoy working at Growing Friends! It’s truly a wonderful place to work! Not too many people can say they truly love their job, but I can!! I do love it here and I love what I do! I am very blessed with my staff as my second family as well!

Danielle Orwig

I am the assistant director for Growing Friends. I have worked at Growing Friends for 8 years. During my time here I have watched so many of the kids grow from babies to the first day of kindergartners to sixth graders. I have always had a passion for teaching and working children. I was born and raised in the Winterstown area, and still currently live in the area with my husband of almost 2 years. We are busy with our goddaughter who is just starting to enjoy playing sports and get into activities. I serve my community by being a fire fighter at North Hopewell Winterstown Fire Company.  In the spare time I have I enjoy spending time outside whether it’s at the beach or the mountains. I enjoy getting my hands dirty with planting flower around the house. I enjoy camping and traveling with my family and friends.  I’m also blessed to spend time with my niece, nephew, and little cousin.

The most challenging part of my job is seeing an upset child. Trying to figure out why they are upset especially if it was a topic we are learning about. Then the challenge becomes how can I do it differently so that they do understand and aren’t upset. Another challenging part of the job is accommodating for all the children. So many children learn differently, and making sure they learn in the best way is sometimes very difficult.

The gifts I’ve seen God working through me is putting me on a different path than I ever expected. I only seen myself working here until I was done college. Little did I know i would move up through the ranks from just a regular day care worker, to a group supervisor, and now the assistant director. Everything truly does happen for a reason! I’ve also been blessed to work with some of the best employees, and met some pretty amazing families. The families here in the center are some the best when working as a team to find what’s best for their child/children

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